Are you a coach or service professional who’s running yourself ragged each week, trying to fit more in… but you STILL can’t keep up?

Newsflash! -You don’t need to work harder.
Or faster.

(Is that a sigh of relief I hear?)

You’re already a powerhouse of get-it-done, fitting more in a day than most people can handle in a week. But you’ve hit your limit. Your email inbox is bursting, you’ve messed up on double-booked appointments, and you’re frazzled from the projects and distractions that keep piling up.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “When my head is clogged up with business worries, I don’t have a vision. It’s just survival!”
  • “I’m working late at night, working early in the morning, and missing family time. What happened to the freedom I thought my business would bring?”
  • “My time is sucked away by little housekeeping details. I want to do more of what I love!”
  • “I’m tired of living with this undercurrent of panic!”
  • “I don’t think I can survive like this much longer.”

It really doesn’t have to be this way. Your blood, sweat and tears got you this far. But from here on out, doing less will give you more. I promise. Pick your head up from the desk and get ready for a new reality. You know you’re ready…

Imagine clicking off your computer each night at 5pm.

You’re confident that your work is done for the day. Your clients have what they need. Your team members are clear on their work. The money is flowing in. Your calendar is completely under control.  And you? You’re headed off to a yoga class before dinner and an evening with the people you love.

I’m Kate Gerry, and I know how to make this your daily reality. The key? Get off the treadmill completely. Put your marvellous brain together with mine… and stand back! We’ll look into your business and find the places that are stealing your time, energy and focus… so you can get them back.

My clients have made the change, and they know it’s waiting for you:

  • “I managed to do everything I planned on doing today, and there’s still time before the end of the day. No ‘carried-over’ tasks for tomorrow! That really feels amazing.”
  • “I start each day knowing what’s coming and who I need to be to handle it.”
  • “Finally! My projects are completed panic-free – ahead of schedule –and things are thriving even when I step away from the helm for vacation.”
  • “Having the time and clarity to do more of what I love every day – it’s priceless.”

We can make this happen, starting today.  Start here, with my free gift for instant relief: Your Brilliant Workday: 3 super-fast, practical ways to work smarter so you can get your nights, weekends, and life back” 

Or, set up a complimentary 40 minute ‘Chaos to Calm’ Breakthrough Session with me. We’ll take a look at the biggest time-hog, stress-triggering issue you’ve got and make a step-by-step plan to end it. To book your session, click here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/8CZ2S

Here’s to more time, joy and breathing space in your business!